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Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Beautiful Bone

Hey, last week i've been to Bone. You guys know's bone is? is about 6 hour from makassar, sulawesi selatan. Bone is small city with big big great cityscape. Like bola soba or king house, or great view beach like tanjung pallete or pulau karang.

I'll tell you how to get there, first of all we flight from jakarta to makassar main city for sulawesi selatan. About 2 hour and we get there, we rent a car and start to hit the road by avanza for about 5 or 6 hour i forgot, we traveling cool roads, from river to mountain, with cool turning point of road. As we arrive in Bone, we live in pondok manurung, a very very interst hotel to spend the time in bone, because you rent a room and you get a house. Asikkk gak???!!!

Okay, now about food. Bone's food are very delicious, but every time i eat with my friends i just think that it like need more salt to make them more yummy. Like mie goreng bone and the most that i like is kepiting kenari! fukk with that, inside the crap was a whole coconut that we can eat like rise. I forgot what the name called in bone.

I just though is not like i though that only small city with now great cityscape. But what i've got? great experience and beautiful people live there and ofocourse good food. Here's picture that a take it from. Enjoy, Yudha.

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